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Defender Rear Disc Brake Stone Guards
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Defender Rear Disc Brake Stone Guards


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Defender Rear Disc Brake Stone Guards are very important, stopping stones hitting the discs. Unfortunately they are notoriously prone to cracking and in many instances, coming completely loose and damaging the ABS line.

This is a real issue for anyone heading bush on corrugated dirt roads. The problem first surfaced for me with the 110 in the form of a very very annoying squeak. This ended up with a roadside repair to remove them.

A genuine replacement set of Stone guards is over £100 per pair but Nugget Stuff now have a solution for just this problem.

Laser cut from 2mm steel and zinc plated to stop rusting, the Nugget Stuff Rear Disc Brake Stone Guard Reinforcers are easy to fit and stop the vibration which causes the originals to fail

Because they fit over, and use the original fitting points, the Reinforcers work with already cracked guards and can be fitted by anyone with a 10mm spanner, 5mm drill and a tube of silicon sealant.

Supplied are 2 zinc plated 2mm thick steel Reinforcers and all nuts and bolts.