Defender Pedal Lock


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Most people agree that the best way of hanging on to your Defender is by having layers of security; a Defender Pedal Lock can be one of those layers. To work effectively a Defender pedal lock has to be easy to fit and stow so that it gets used on a regular basis.

I have often worried about having a heavy lump of metal just loose in the cab of my vehicle as it could easily turn into a lethal missile in a collision. This Pedal lock is just the right size to stow in your cubby box out of harms way.

The pedal lock is designed to be used with any heavy duty padlock and to keep costs down, we supply without lock as that is often the sort of thing that hangs around in sheds, garages or man-drawers waiting for the moment when it will come in handy. It is a bright green colour to stand out when fitted and secures both brake and clutch pedals.


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