L663 towing mirror
Defender L663 Towing Mirror Mounting
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Defender L663 Towing Mirror Mounting


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The L663 Towing Mirror Mounting solution all New Defender owners need. Check out the video that will answer most questions.

These mounts provide a fully bespoke, secure and solid mounting solution for any tow mirrors you may have, without the need for the often flimsy generic clamping systems available.

Made from extremely tough PA12 Nylon, design protected and as a kit of 1 x Left and 1 x Right. Our design has not limited on material, and provides a very secure and strong solution, used by ourselves for the last 14 months.

Note: you will need to use your own donor mirrors for this L663 towing mirror clamps. We have tested and recommend the Milenco Grand Aero 4 Platinum 16mm mirrors (these are the more rectangular ones, thicker bars, unlike the ones demonstrated in the video), but any of their range will suit our clamps, as long as they have the 13mm or 16mm Steel Support bars. There is an image uploaded showing the space you have to work with, should you wish to use any other 13mm or 16mm mirrors and bars, and also the recommended Milenco Mirrors, which are widely available worldwide.

As we now supply these to work with both 16mm (+-0.5mm tolerance) AND 13mm (+- 0.25mm tolerance) mirror bars, they will work with the Milenco Platinum range too, which have a thicker more sturdy 16mm bar!

Just make sure you order the longer mirror bar sets, as Milenco also sell a shorter set which will not work for the huge Defender mirrors!

We use the ‘Aero’ trim lines of the stock mirror struts to stop the clamps from twisting or working loose, and we provide soft gel pads to the top and bottom pieces to help protect your trim, and avoid any rattling, which can be replaced as a it becomes worn in later life. We would recommend using Paint Protection Film if the mirrors are to be used for long periods of time, to further protect the paint finish of the arms.

NO drilling of the vehicle is required

Included in the box:

-1 x Left Clamp and thumb screw

-1 x Right Clamp and thumb screw

-2 x 16mm to 13mm Reducing sleeves (NEW!)

-All Stainless Steel A2 hardware, in a Black finish

-Nylon captive lock nuts, so you don’t have to worry about dropping parts, or them working loose during use

-Printed in the UK to a high tolerance, shipped as a full kit, in a near Black/Graphite finish that is water and heat tolerant

-Fits all current 90, 110 & 130 models, as shown in our video

Please not that subtle design changes may have been implemented from those illustrated, as part of our continual improvement.