Defender 90 Fuel Tank plastic flow through – 30litres


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This Safari-Equip Defender 90 fuel tank is a flow through tank which gives the adventurer the piece of mind to push that bit further off the beaten track. This Defender 90 fuel tank is supplied as kit & easy to install & use as it requires no pumps or added fillers. It does not interfere with storage or clearance and is compatible with standard Defender fuel filler cap. Having the option of an extra fuel tank greatly broadens the range and capacity of a vehicle as well as provides piece of mind when undergoing long journeys.  Incredibly easy to use these are items no overlander would be seen without.
This 30 litre lightweight plastic flow through tank is the best way of getting more fuel into the vehicle without losing valuable space or using complex pumping systems
This is suitable for TD5’s and Tdci’s but please check the VIN number on Tdci’s to ensure you get the correct tank.

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