compact awning extension
Compact awning extension – RoofLodge Evolution
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Compact awning extension – RoofLodge Evolution


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So what’s with a compact awning extension? Simply to give glare protection when the sun is low

The compact extension was developed directly from using an awning: “One fine day we were so annoyed and blinded by the low sun that we wanted to remedy it.”

Principle of compact awning extension

As the sun sets (the same applies in the morning, of course – but for the sake of clarity we limit ourselves to the afternoon or evening), the light falls further and further under the awning. From a certain position of the sun, the light / shadow dividing line reaches the eye level of a seated person – from now on the sun can dazzle until it sets.

The figure below shows an Awning with a compact extension that offers several advantages with its inclined extension:

When the sun is high, a much larger area is shaded.
Only when the sun is about to set does the light / shadow dividing line reach the eye level of a seated person. Of course a lot of this depends on the size of the person, where they are sitting etc.
But the bottom line is: despite the glare protection, you can see what’s going on in the area!

What if the sun comes in from the side?

Well, then the vehicle will have to be moved. But not with our new compact extension. You only need to pull it out of the front and then attach it to the side in just a few simple steps. Voila!

The extensions are available in 3 widths


Made from our awning and awning fabric, a 280 g / sqm RipStop polycotton (65% polyester / 35% cotton), metal-coated on one side; impregnated to repel water and dirt;
significantly less fluttering noises due to the comparatively heavy quality.

Color: Stone Gray (Taupe)

Our compact extensions are also suitable for use on awnings from most other manufacturers. All that is needed is a spare awning track on the front of the awning or one must be retrofitted.

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