combined voltmeter
Combined Voltmeter/Twin USB
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Combined Voltmeter/Twin USB


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The Combined Voltmeter with Twin USB with rectangular mounting plate offers a significant saving over two separate units.
The voltmeter can show the charging voltage whilst driving or the battery voltage when the engine is turned off.

USB socket with twin output
12- 24V DC Input – 5V DC @ 2.1A Output *
Connections:- 2 x 6.3mm (1/4″) male spade terminals
Fitted with a protective dust cap

Twin USB socket for 12V or 24V systems featuring twin hi-power USB ports for fast-charging of iPads, smart-phones, tablets and other mobile devices whilst on the move. This surface mounted USB socket provides 10W (2.1A @ 5V) which is the same power output as you would get from your mains wall charger at home, ensuring that your device re-charges in the quickest possible time. A blue LED illuminates the USB ports with a soft glow to indicate that the socket is powered.

The combined voltmeter with twin USB features a tethered rubber cover to protect the sockets from dirt and moisture when not in use and the terminals are nickel-plated brass to prevent corrosion. This double unit is suitable for cars, campervans, motorhomes, caravans, boats, motorbikes or any vehicle running 12V/24V.
The socket can be fixed to a flat surface through four holes using four screws and power connection is via the polarity-marked blade terminals.


Input voltage rating: 12V/24V DC
Material: Black impact resistant nylon
Terminal size and material: 6.3mm male blades (nickel-plated brass)
Overall length 100mm
Overall width 40mm

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