ClutchFix clutch
ClutchFix Clutch -Defender TD4/TDCi
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ClutchFix Clutch -Defender TD4/TDCi


ClutchFix Clutch for Defender TD4/TDCi 2007-2016

This clutch is available to buy in different options.

Clutch Plate and Cover
Clutch Plate and cover with clutch slave cylinder and updated adaptor and valve assembly

The original clutch fitted to the TD4 Defenders is known to have issues as a result of insufficient sized torsion spring causing clutch clatter or jamming of the clutch. Another potential issue is ingress of oil from engine or transmission into the clutch housing. This oil is absorbed by the original clutch lining or causes the friction lining to glaze over thereby not transmitting the full potential force through the clutch

The springs in these new clutches are uprated by 20%

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