CargoBear 2.0
CargoBear 2.0 roof rack – Defender
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CargoBear 2.0 roof rack – Defender


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In terms of performance, our CargoBear was and is the grizzly bear of the roof racks. Strong, powerful and extremely versatile, it was well ahead of its time when it was launched in 2016. But just as the earth turns, evolution does not stand still and everything that wants to survive has to develop further.

And so this spring a new CargoBear woke  from hibernation. Leaner and meaner, the CargoBear 2.0, came out of the cave in Bavaria. Same load capacity, same strength, same stiffness, but with significantly reduced combat weight.  It weighs 30% less and so less on the car roof too.

How it works? The decisive difference lies in the new construction method. Instead of the heavy side stirrups, the newly developed, perforated HIGRIP panel modules and edge plates now take over the longitudinal bracing and ensure (approximately) the same static values ​​with a considerable reduction in weight.

The CargoBear 2.0 is designed for a load of 300kg in the field (with evenly distributed load). In theory, this value could easily be doubled on the road. However, two circumstances should be noted that always apply to roof racks: On the one hand, a loaded roof rack can increase the centre of gravity of the vehicle considerably, which should be taken into account when using off-road vehicles. On the other hand, the permitted roof load of the respective vehicle is decisive when loading and this is usually well below the load-bearing capacity of the roof rack.

What remains the same with the new bear is the deep black, super flat look, the high-performance material and the modular versatility. All accessories, attachments, roof tents etc. are fully compatible with the predecessor. For the long version of the G-Class, the CargoBear 2.0 is finally available with four crossbars and we are already working on a version for the New Defender. But Nakatanenga always present real results as soon as possible and not computer-generated designs unlike some competitors.

1 module: 1005mm
2 modules: 1545mm – suitable for 110 DC, 130 CC
2 modules: 1890mm – suitable for 90 mm
3 modules: 2775mm – suitable for 110 SW
Extension module long: 885mm
Extension module short: 540mm
3 modules with angled or normal extension: 2075mm – ideal for 90s
3 modules with sloping extension: 2765mm – ideal for 110s
Sloping extension module: 875mm

Installation advice:
M10 pan head: 20Nm to 25Nm
M6 lens cylinder head: 10Nm to 12Nm

Measured from the gutter, the CargoBear 2.0 is about 23cm high. Fitted it adds between 5-6cm – depending on the roof, condition, year of construction, etc.

You will find ideal protection for the lashing rail profile on the CargoBear or for all other lashing rails here.

If you need spare parts or extensions for the CargoBear 1.0, please ask us by email or phone.

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