Bushranger Plugga III Tyre Repair Kit
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Bushranger Plugga III Tyre Repair Kit



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The Plugga III – Heavy Duty Tyre Repair Kit is the perfect partner for your compressor when heading offroad. Manufactured with the same solid ‘T’ handles of previous models, the Plugga III is built to withstand the test of time and will provide that dependable service that you are used to from Bushranger products.

The kit has now been extended to include a Plug Stay on the insertion needle, which helps in keeping the plug in position while removing the needle and a tyre gauge to ensure you get your pressure right to continue on your way.


  • Heavy Duty Reamer and Insertion needle.
  • Solid zinc alloy ‘T’ handles and knurled grip.
  • Complete kit from debris removal to pressure setting.
  • Tyre valve repair tool kit.
  • New Plug stopper on insertion needle.
  • Handy tyre gauge for accurate re-inflation.


  • Reaming Tool.
  • Plug insertion needle with metal stop.
  • Both the reamer and insertion needle have a solid zinc alloy handle and knurled grip.
  • Replacement insertion needle and allen key.
  • Long nose pliers
  • Plug trimming knife
  • Pencil tyre gauge
  • Pot of plug lubricant
  • Tyre valve replacement cores
  • Tyre valve repair tool
  • 20 repair plugs (with room for more)
  • Handy blow moulded storage case

Part No.:     73X12/P
Description:     Plugga III – Heavy Duty Tyre Repair Kit
Weight:     1.7kg
Dimensions:     305mm Wide x 206mm Deep x 61mm High
Warranty:     One Year Warranty

Product Tips:

  • Always check the amount of repair cords, valves and lubricant you have before departing for your trip.
  • An essential piece of equipment for every vehicle both on and off road.
  • This product easily stores away in your recovery gear bag or in any internal spare wheel well.
  • A reliable compressor is required for re-inflation, we recommend any compressor from our Multi-Award Winning Bushranger Portable Compressor Range.
  • Caution must be taken when using the trim knife.
  • Clean all components after use ready for next application.
  • After repair is complete, re-inflate the tyre and check regularly.
  • Do not use while vehicle is suspended on any mechanical jack or exhaust jack.
  • Seals are only intended as a temporary repair.
  • Exposed Steel Belts may cause serious injury.
  • Remove any sharp debris before working on tyre.
  • Residual air may create airborne debris during repairs.
  • We recommend wearing gloves, eye protection and covered shoes.
  • Where possible remove tyre from vehicle before repairing.
  • Extreme caution must be taken when repairing a tyre whilst still on a vehicle.

Please take care in preserving the environment. Please store any rubbish until it can be disposed of correctly, repair any damage caused to your surroundings and ensure the area is left safe for the future.

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