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Boab Braai Warming Grid
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Boab Braai Warming Grid



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One of the most useful Boab Braai accessories around, the lightweight, but strong, mesh grid that sits on the bend in the supporting legs underneath the base of the  Boab Braai.
Just high enough off the ground so your hot pans don’t burn the grass and close enough to the base of the Boab Braai for the heat of the fire to keep your pans and food warm.

Cooking Tip.
Cut day old Moroccan Flat Breads, French Baguettes or similar in half to make two ‘pizza bases’
Lightly toast the cut side of the two halves, then cover the flat inside of the bread by spreading tomato based sauses over them, (pasta sauces, spagetti sauces etc)
Add slices of ham, cubes of pork, chunks of chorizo etc and top with chunks of (or grated) cheese, slices of onion & green peppers.
Place the two halves of bread (crust side down) onto the cooking grid to brown, and start warming the old bread through.
When toasted, lift them off the cooking grid and place under the coal tray on the Warming Grid until the cheese melts all over the meat and sauce!!

Please note, the Ultimate Braai Log Grid, Warming Grid, Potje Stand & Smoker Kit will all pack inside the Braai with the standard Ultimate Braai items.

This is only suitable for the original Boab Braai. Not the current version of the break.

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