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Boab Braai Smoker
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Boab Braai Smoker



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The Boab Braai smoker converts your Braai into a Portable Smoking Oven.

Comprises 2 Pieces of Mild Steel which fit together to produce the ideal camp smoker!

Hot Smoke; Fish Fillets, Whole Trout, Eels, Chicken Breast, Game or Other produce.
Great as a little smoke oven for vegetables like peppers stuffed with soft blue cheese.

Produce can be smoked on BBQ Charcoal, but for best results use logs on the log grid.
The flavour will depend on the type of wood smoke you use, Beech, Apple etc
(Beech; quite mild. American Red Oak; very strong flavour. Apple/Plum/Pear; aromatic)

Place the Cooking Grid on its lowest setting, next pop the Smoker Kit on top of the grid,
position produce on the cooking grid, put the Lid // Cooking Griddle on – and you’re away!
Hot smoking at it’s best!!

Each piece is hinged to allow it to fold in half and be easily carried within your Braai.
One or both sections can also be used as a small windguard to help prevent ash blowing around in a wind.

Please note, the Ultimate Braai Log Grid, Warming Grid, Potje Stand & Smoker Kit will all pack inside the Braai with the standard Ultimate Braai items.