AUTOTERM (Planar) 2D12 mobile heater in Alubox
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AUTOTERM (Planar) 2D12 mobile heater in Alubox


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It’s a Thin Line Between Love and Hate is the name of the old song and this thin line between love and hate is definitely the line on the thermometer in winter. If you are running the danger of being like the proverbial brass monkey even the thickest fish at the ice hole, the most magical northern lights or the greatest winter camp is not going to make you happy. That’s why we have our solution in the Alubox Pro for all outdoor activities in the cold seasons: the AUTOTERM parking heater for on the go!

With the exception of the battery, everything you, your family or your crew need for a cozy and warm outdoor feeling in the car, camper or roof tent is in the ultra-robust, waterproof 29L box. The heart of the system is the inexpensive and powerful AUTOTERM (Planar URAL EDITION) 2D12 air heater, which can be powered by the car battery via the cigarette lighter adapter. The control takes place via the digital control element PU5. A 3.6L diesel canister is already integrated in the box. This makes our mini heater ideal for on the go and mobile use in the vehicle or anywhere where a weatherproof cable connection to a car battery can be made.

The warm air is transported into the room or tent to be heated via a firmly screwable, waterproof flexi-hose, which can be ordered separately in the desired length here in the shop.

ATTENTION: As a precaution, we would like to point out that operation in closed rooms is not permitted due to the risk of poisoning from exhaust gases. Furthermore, for optimal heating performance, it should be ensured that the air supply for combustion and hot air is positioned so that it is protected from the weather.

A larger standalone variant of this auxiliary heater with an integrated battery is available here. This parking heater can also be rented from us – contact us for more details.

Alu-Box Pro (29 litres) waterproof / dust-proof according to the IP54 standard

AUTOTERM (Planar) 2D diesel / air heater

Fuel canister (3.6 litres)

Hot air pipe connection, check valve, outlet and inlet feedthrough

The openings for supply and exhaust air as well as for the electricity are splash-proof (can be closed with a screw cap or rubber stopper)

Dimensions of the aluminium box: WxHxD 390x340x290mm

Dimensions of the box with spigot: WxHxD 490x340x290

Total weight: 11.2 kg

Technical data of the auxiliary heating:

• Fuel type: diesel

• Heating capacity: max. 1.8kW, min. 0.8kW

• Volume of the heated air: max. 75m³ / h, min. 34m³ / h

• Fuel consumption during operation: max. 0.24 l / h, min. 0.1 l / h

• Power consumption during operation: max. 29W, min. 10W

• Manual start / stop

• Connection to a car battery or other external 12V battery

Control element PU-5:

– LED for ventilation display

– LED for operating display

– Temperature adjustable via rotary control

The AUTOTERM Luft 2D (Planar 2D URAL EDITION) is equipped with an altitude kit!

This means that the heater automatically reduces the injection quantity according to the ambient air pressure. This reduces or prevents sooting of the combustion chamber when the atmospheric oxygen content falls. The max. Heating capacity decreases proportionally to the amount of oxygen in the air. Roughly one can say: from 2000 meters the loss of power per 500m height is approx. 5%. Manufacturer tests up to 3440m were problem-free. No difficulties are expected up to 4000m. The software itself calculates up to 5000m – but this has not yet been tested at real altitude.

And another special note about aluminium: Although, as with all of our products, we take the greatest care in storage and shipping, our aluminium boxes can always have the smallest scratches, stains, dents or other minimal surface features upon delivery. Since the material aluminum is ultimately a natural product, these traces are material-related and therefore not a reason for complaint. In addition, aluminium boxes are intended as robust everyday objects. Like everything that is actively used, they develop an individual patina and every trace of use tells a story. So have fun with it!

Attention: For health and safety reasons, the mobile air heater box must be outside during operation. The warm air enters the room to be heated via a highly flexible warm air pipe. The mobile heating must not be operated in closed rooms, as an exhaust pipe leading to the outside can also be damaged.

Please note:

Due to delivery problems with the MagCode connectors, we reserve the right to deliver the boxes with a different connector system.

This item has been replaced by the 2nd Generation of Nakatanenga mobile parking heaters 

It is only available while stocks last.

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