Autohome Overcamp
Autohome Overcamp
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Autohome Overcamp


The Autohome Overcamp offers the option of additional storage capacity on the roof rack, allowing you to carry your sporting equipment easily: your bicycle, canoe, surfboard, hand glider or other accessories for your favourite sport. Another feature of this roof top tent is the unique Double-up system which allows you to obtain twice the normal living space by fitting two tents on one roof.
You can carry two Autohome Overcamps even on the smallest of cars and obtain four places (2+2) or eight places on large vehicles (4+4) providing two totally independent bedrooms. The Autohome Overcamp is the unrivalled choice for adventure going people.

  • • K200 fabric:
  • Waterproof and breathable.
  • Anti-condensation and heat resistant.


1.The fabric is structurally highly performing and dense, guaranteeing maximum density for the tent even if it is 2 metres above ground.

2. It is breathable and does not require the support of additional bulky sheeting. These are generally used only to hide condensation inside the tent, without reducing it (something non-experts may not immediately realize).

3. It does not flap or make a noise in the wind or a morning breeze, guaranteeing a peaceful night and pleasant awakening.

4. With the Overcamp fabric, everything is flush to the walls of the tent, preventing the irritating “sail” effect in windy conditions.

5. The windows can be opened and closed even staying in bed.

6. No “balloon/ball effect” because the roof is stable, sewn tightly to the walls. No “flying” and no flapping.

For anyone sleeping well above ground these are vital features.
And that is not all…

7. In the evening, with the internal light on, no disturbing rays enter the tent; the thick, compact fabric provides maximum privacy. So, no peeping either.

8. At sunrise, the fabric remains dark, so you can stay in bed as long as you want.

For all of the reasons set out above, Overcamp fits an UNDOUBTEDLY SUPERIOR RANGE OF FABRICS.

Standard equipment:

• 2 windows + 2 large openings with mosquito net.
• 4 universal clamps for fitting the tent to the roof bars.
• 1 mattress with 2-3 pillows.
• 2 poles to transform the doors into awnings.
• 1 PVC tent cover.
• Internal elastic cords to fold the fabric when closing the tent.
• Standard set up: when opened, the tent does not jut out from the vehicle.
• 1 steel ladder (h closed: cm 170 – h open: cm 245).
• Double-Up: Side positioning: the tent will occupy only half of the car roof space.

We can ship to you but why not come to us and have your tent professionally fitted for free and get a demonstration of how to use it?

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Weight 60 kg