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Autohome Columbus Variant roof tent
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Autohome Columbus Variant roof tent


The original Autohome Columbus Variant

The Autohome Columbus Variant has Grey or Carbon fabric (other colours can be ordered) and white shell and versatile opening: this roof tent has a large rear window and can be customised in numerous ways. Ventilation and light is excellent, without compromising privacy.
The modular nature of the openings and further features of the Autohome Columbus Variant give you the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of outdoor life, without sacrificing the comfort of the best roof tents on the market, original Autohome models which have made the history of extreme camping. Like all roof tents in the range, Columbus Variant is made with high-quality materials that guarantee strength and comfort.
The fibreglass shells combine the benefits of strength and lightweight design in a single material which is easy to wash and repair if damaged (which is unlikely); the AIRTEX® fabrics are highly waterproof yet breathable ensuring overnighting is dry and comfortable. In Columbus roof tents everything contributes to excellence.
Autohome: “ A simple silhouette and a great look ”

Shells are handmade by precision craftsmen, the best guarantee of quality: a quality structure, compact, pull-out, unlike ordinary plastic or similar products available on the market. The fibreglass insulates the inside from the heat and cold and can be cleaned easily (it is undamaged by aggressive cleaning agents). Strength, reliability, comfort, quality: Maggiolina roof tents are all this and more.

All Columbus models open in an instant. By releasing the catch at the back, the tent will open thanks to two special gas springs (just like those on car tailgates) which lift the top whilst keeping the fabric tensioned.
Closing it is just as simple; you are then ready to set off again in total safety.

Columbus provides extra storage area whilst travelling. The aerodynamic design with its ample storage capacity allows you to carry sporting equipment, travel accessories, bed linen, etc and keep them safeguarded from the weather.

Two internal safety locks to prevent closure during gusts of wind are fitted as standard (when locks are inserted, the tent does not close).

Stowage nets, useful for sleeping bags, towels and personal belongings.The original awning on the back of the tent now comes as standard on all our Variant models. Sun Shade immediately turns the rear door into a very useful additional protection. Its structural reliability is further guaranteed by the arched poles integrated into the fabric. This choice allows to overcome the problems of traditional studs applied by pressure, which can cause tears in the fabric where they are placed in case of high stresses such as gusts of wind.


Mod. 130 x 210
Closed h: cm 30
Open h: cm 150
Weight: about 59 kg
Volume: about 196 l


Sizes:145 x 210 cm
Closed h:30 cm
Open h:150 cm
Weight:about 65 Kg
Volume:about 220 l

Includes: 4 universal clamps for attachment to roof bars, configuration for the attachment of auxiliary bars on outer shell, 2 doors/windows with mosquito-netting, soundproof and anti-condensation roof insulation, stowage net, 1 mattress and 2pillows, interior light, 1 height adjustable alloy ladder, full opening on the back with graduated darkening, outer door with Crystal window, elastic cord for secure rear door closure, anti-condensation
Air Cap, ladder storage bag, elastic straps assist in folding the fabric when closing.

This tent is also available to order in Extra Long  and Large sizes

The Columbus Variant is also available as a Blackstorm edition

New tents include a set of standard clamps- if you need wider clamps, they are available here

The Columbus Variant can be benefit from an extra awning

We can ship to you but why not come to us and have your tent professionally fitted for free and get a demonstration of how to use it?

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