ARB Tree Protector



ARB Tree protectors are constructed of green polyester so that the user may differentiate it at a glance from the orange-coloured ARB snatch recovery straps and the purple-coloured ARB Winch extension strap. The ARB Tree protector is75mm wide and and available in 2 lengths, 3m & 5m. They are reinforced with cordura on the end loops to prevent chafing from prolonged heavy use. Two moveable sleeves on the main section prevent chafing of the polyester material under various rigging configurations. The Tree trunk protectors will withstand 25,000 pounds of load before breaking. Vehicle recovery booklet included.

When using a tree as an anchor point in a recovery situation, wrapping cable, rope or chain around it causes damage to both your equipment and the tree. ARB tree protectors help eliminate the risk of ring barking and ensure safe vehicle recovery.


part number ARB730 ARB735
min. breaking strength 12000kg 12000kg
length 3m 5m
width 80mm 80mm
material 100% polyester 100% polyester
reinforced eyes yes yes
eye & seam protector sleeves yes yes

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Weight 4 kg


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