anti-theft Discovery spare wheel protector
Anti-theft Discovery 3/4 spare wheel protector
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Anti-theft Discovery 3/4 spare wheel protector


D3/D4 Spare Wheel Protector
Suitable for D3/D4 and Range Rover Sport 19” Rims
Protect your Spare Wheel.
How often do you look at your spare wheel?
When you have had a puncture?
Found some lowlife has helped themselves to it a couple of weeks before?

Prevent this from happening by fitting our new anti-theft Discovery 3/4 spare wheel protector.

 Custom made using heavy duty steel, this new protector leaves 
no cable visible so thieves cannot cut through the winch and
 take your spare wheel. Powder coated finish in satin black.

There are two versions of this wheel protector – for vehicles with and without the adblue tank. If your spare wheel is stored with shiny face downwards then it has an adblue tank fitted and you will require the with adblue version of the Disco spare wheel protector. If the ‘shiny’ face of the alloy wheel is facing upwards then you need the without adblue version.

The adblue wheel protector is designed to fit with the alloy wheels, it will not fit with aftermarket steel space saver wheels

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