Anti-Condensation Mat
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Anti-Condensation Mat


The 3D anti-condensation mat is perfect for roof tents and other applications. These so-called spacer knitted fabrics are just right for airing mattresses in roof tents, campers and on yachts. “Floating on air” gets a new meaning with these 3D mats. The anti-condensation mat is placed between the mattress and the roof tent floor and contributes to a healthy and restful sleep by means of its climate regulation. The mats have matching cutouts on both sides for the tent poles.
Thickness: 10mm
Width: Designed for the RoofLodge roof tents 140/165 but are also suitable for other 140cm and 165cm wide roof tents Length: 230cm
Weight: for 140cm roof tents = 1,93kg; for 165cm roof tents = 2,26kg
Note: The fabric can be cut with any good household scissors if necessary. The 3D fabric works like an invisible air conditioner ventilating the mattress base. Approximately 1 million upright PE threads per square meter allow moisture to escape ideally before it leads to water-logging, mould or mildew. Due to the outstanding air and load distribution of the 3D fabric, the mattress pad adapts to any contour, which significantly increases comfort.

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