anderson connectors
Anderson Connectors 175amp

Anderson Connectors 175amp


Genuine Anderson Connectors SB175

SB Anderson connectors are genderless – two identical connectors are mated by turning one of them through 180 degrees and pushing them together. There are no male or female contacts. The high power contacts must be connected to the cable and inserted in the housings in order to connect the two connectors. This is because flat wipe SB connector type contacts are held in place by a spring that is depressed by the insertion of a contact.

SB Battery connectors are available in a range of standard colours which are mechanically keyed to avoid equipment of different voltages being inadvertently connected. All colours are electrically identical but only two connectors of the same colour will interconnect. (Powerpoles are different in that they are all keyed so that different colours will join together to form unlimited possibilities.) Colours of SB connectors designate recommended application voltages taking into account industry standard usage. This minimises the possibility of mismatching power supplies and electrical outlets.

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