Alubox – 29 litre



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The Alubox has strong stainless steel locks and hinges, spring handles and a rubber gasket which makes it dust- and water-resistant. The Alubox comes with extra silicon sealing in joints and has a water and dust ingress rating of IP54. Their light weight and water resistance make them ideal for roof rack storage boxes. They are made from EN AW-5754 (AlMg3). AW 5754 offers excellent corrosion resistance against seawater and industrial polluted atmospheres. AW 5754 is a mid-strength material, non-hardening alloy, very corrosion resistant, seawater and tropical climate resistant and characteristically very good chemical resistance. Good weldability using all welding techniques with the weld joints also offering excellent corrosion resistance. Very good burnishing quality. Very good plasticity in its soft condition. Used for medium tension construction, welded applications parts and construction, corrosion resistant in sea water applications. Widely used in the food and chemical industries, vehicle construction, ship building, architecture and interior design.

inside measurements – 360x260x310

outside measurements – 390x290x330
weight – 3.3kg
max load 50kg

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Weight 6 kg
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