Overlander Information

November 1st 2014

The 4x4overlander fleet consists of three Defenders, our original overland vehicle - a 300tdi 110CSW, a 2.4tdci 110USW and a 2.2tdci 90SW. None of these vehicles bear an resemblance to the original vehicle which left the production line.

The White 90

This vehicle was purchased at 6 months old from Lakeland Land Rover in Consiton. It was originally destined to work at Sellafield Nuclear Power Plant but the order was cancelled and it spent the beginning of its life as a pool car until we bought it. We wanted a base vehicle as a blank canvas for many of the parts we sell and, over winter, this vehicle has changed from an ugly duckling with nothing special about it into an elegant swan.

One of the first upgrades to it was to fit a radio, but rather than just fit a standard radio, it was fitted with a double din console which would take a combined DAB radio and SatNav. (please contact for further information)

The next modifications to it involved fitting many of the Entreq products, namely a splash guard, diamond wing tops, aerial, blanking plate and snow cowl, bumper, door strips and rear door strip. The mudflaps brackets have been replaced with extended ones at the front and stainless steel ones at the rear.

Whilst fitting the new Nolden LED headlights, the brightest road-legal head lights available at https://www.diodedynamics.com/fog-light-leds-for-1999-2017-ford-f-150-pair.html, we fitted Entreq headlight surrounds and guards in Fuji white to match the vehicle and gave it a colour co-ordinated grill.

It already has LED reversing and fog lights and will shortly be getting LED number plate light, indicators and daylight running lights.

The standard steel wheels have been replaced with Zu Rims and BFG A/T 265/75/16 and the side of the vehicle has been protected with Safari Equip Rock and Tree sliders. (Or as I refer to them supermarket trolley protectors, for although it does get its boots dirty off road, it has to run the supermarket trolley gauntlet more frequently.)

We have made various modifications to the interior as well. It has, of course, the Nakatanenga glove box conversion - Land Rover really missed a trick when they didn't fit that as standard! The Nakatanenga leather door handles offer style as well as comfort.

At the rear, the door has been fitted with a Nakatanenga rear door gas strut and a swing-away wheel carrier and it also now has a tailgate organiser which provides that bit of extra storage which is always useful in a 90. The floor has had teak decking fitted and this is a product, we will be offering in the near future, but it also has a Nakatanenga rubber mat to protect if it is going to the tip or carrying lots of gear.

All in all, the white 90 has changed considerably and there are various more modifications planned for it.